Client Evolution

Strengthening Your Customer Experience


Today’s customer has far greater expectations and needs than the customer of yesterday. Online communities, product reviews sites, and social media have amplified the importance of taking good care of your customers. Business leaders who invest time and resources into developing a comprehensive strategy have identified that an investment in building a positive customer experience creates loyal customer relationships that are ultimately more profitable.

Client Evolution

Client Evolution highlights the strategic position that teleNetwork has been placed in for many of our clients. We’ve helped build processes which have led to significant improvements in our partners customer experience. By examining three key areas below, we will highlight how we are truly making a difference for our clients.

Process Improvement

teleNetwork helped one of its largest clients launch a new suite of value-added services leading to exponential growth of an exciting new security and services business.

Several years ago a large client of ours began putting together a suite of value added services (VAS) which included online backup, internet security, identity protection, and premium technical support. After designing the product and developing pricing for various bundles, they looked to us to help drive customer adoption. Initially, with minimal agent participation, we were converting less than 1% of our call volume into a sale.

Our target was significantly higher than 1% so we identified that we needed to make sweeping changes to our organization in order to meet our client’s goals. We shifted the focus of our recruiting efforts to look for more sales oriented individuals. We quickly identified that basic technical support is significantly easier for an experienced sales rep to learn than it is for a highly technical agent to learn effective sales techniques.

Over the course of the next year we continued improving our processes. We built an offline activations team internally which allowed us to own the sales process from end-to-end. We generated interest, closed the sale, input the order into an internal system, and passed the customer over to one of our Activation agents who then submitted the order into our client’s billing system, activated all necessary VAS components, and performed immediate service needs as requested by the customer.

Net Result:Today we convert between 5%-6% of our inbound technical support call volume into a sale generating roughly $12.5 million in annual recurring revenue for the client.


Customer satisfaction is top of mind in every organization these days. The marketplace has become extremely competitive and companies are looking for ways to stand out from their competitors.

One of our clients was set to launch a new service ahead of the competitors in many of the markets that they served. They sought our help with providing a consistent and memorable experience for the customer every time they called, whether it be for obtaining general information, signing up for new service, billing questions and making payments, or requesting technical assistance.

In order to achieve this goal we planned a multi-phase approach. During phase one we created a universal agent staffing model. The skill set required an agent who is capable of handling any type of issue from retention or bill pay to basic and advanced technical support. This model allowed us to reduce the number of times the customer gets handed off.

The second phase was to reshape our account team culture to accommodate the types of personalities our client’s request demanded. Leveraging our 100% US-based workforce, we created a fun and engaging environment in which we equipped every agent with the tools and knowledge necessary to best identify how to offer a memorable experience to the customer.

We eliminated rigid scripts and tired check-box QA forms. Through consistent development, praise & recognition of top performers, and the deep embedding of core values, we empowered our agents to act and make decisions based on their own good judgment. For example we have empowered the agents to:

  • Create individual greetings and closings with a personal touch
  • Schedule field support in real time with 100% commitment guarantee
  • Send gifts to mistreated customers
  • Direct access to the engineering for real time resolution of customer issues
  • Direct access to the field to expedite resolution if necessary
  • Issue billing credits for unhappy customers

Net Result: Customer service worth mentioning in Time Magazine. Providing a high level of customer service that is memorable is often the deciding factor in making the switch to or from a provider. This client’s subscriber base continues to climb at a phenomenal pace to this day as they continue expansion in new territories.

Immediate Need

A telco customer of ours acquired 1 million access lines and 250,000 high-speed Internet subscribers from Verizon Communications. This transaction required the telco to convert all of these customers from legacy billing, field, sales, order management systems on a specific date. We were forecast to handle approximately 75,000 calls during the first month of the transition but ended up with over 300,000 calls in the first 3 days causing our trunks to busy out and extraordinarily long hold times for customers.

Within 48 hours, we responded by configuring a custom message in place of the busy signals directing customers to live chat and self-help FAQs on our client’s web site. We were able to furnish a fully integrated chat UI and over 200 FTEs to manage the influx of chat within 2 weeks. This helped decrease hold times by 400% by week 2 and normalized SLA performance by hitting our target daily towards the end of the month.

Net Result: Our client was able to successfully integrate the newly acquired customers and build a culture of loyalty and trust with a group of highly disenfranchised customers who felt uncared for by their previous provider. This customer has renewed business with teleNetwork and has credited us with saving them from the perfect storm during this acquisition.