Companies with a complete activation experience have better loyalty and retention.


Onboarding represents an important step in the customer lifecycle. Companies who provide a complete onboarding experience have higher customer satisfaction and retention. Its the perfect time to highlight the features and benefits of your products and services. Many companies understand the importance of having a great experience but overlook the details that make onboarding successful. If you’d like to highlight the value of your products and services, our team of onboarding specialists can help create an experience that ensures a very high level of customer satisfaction. Our onboarding solutions can help you build award winning products and services.

New Product Activation

Each time a new customer signs up it is critical that they fully activate your product or service. Failing to complete an installation, partially completed steps, or leaving questions unanswered will lead to trouble. Whether you provide self-installation kits, on-site assisted activation, or online assistance to your customers, your customers will face challenges that may not be addressed during the time of installation.

If you face these challenges, or if you need help identifying a more effective approach to activating your product or service, teleNetwork’s Activation Specialists have the capability to help you improve your new product activation experience.