Maintaining customer relationships is more important than ever.

Billing Care

When your customers have a problem with their bill, they expect quick and accurate responses from your billing care team. Building effective processes to ensure that each inquiry is resolved with efficiency and courtesy is a must. But what happens if your staff is overburdened with too many calls, or antiquated systems and processes that lead to customer frustration? They become angry and potentially a candidate for churn. teleNetwork’s billing care specialists have the expertise and the knowledge to help you deliver timely and efficient billing care services to your customers.

Customer Service

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is something that companies struggle with every day. Identifying opportunities to delight and empower your customers can be the difference between building meaningful customer relationships or losing a customer’s business. Many organizations spend countless hours gathering, analyzing, and measuring customer satisfaction without really asking the right question – what do our customers want? We’ve found a different approach to customer service that will help you build a reputation as a leader in your industry.

Establishing trust and rapport on every interaction is the first step to building a truly meaningful customer relationship. Taking ownership and providing a customer focused response creates a sense of loyalty that many companies overlook. Using open, friendly dialog rather than scripted responses ensures that your customers understand that their inquiry is important to your company and builds confidence in your company. Whether you use an industry standard measurement like Net Promoter Score (NPS), or you’ve developed your own customer satisfaction measurement system, we believe that our customer first approach to customer service will help your company create lasting relationships with your customers who will in-turn encourage their friends and family to use your products and services.

Social Media

Understanding the dynamics of social media customer service is critical to the success of your social media strategy. Simply responding to your customers is only part of the equation. There are vast amounts of insight and customer perception that can help you gain your customer’s trust and create new business opportunities for your company. This information can be harnessed to build a successful social media strategy.

Partnering with an organization that has the tools, people, and social media expertise to develop a winning strategy is crucial. Your strategy must align all of the business functions that will be impacted by social media. For example, social media as a marketing tool, a customer service and support tool, or a sales tool. teleNetwork has developed a complete social media customer experience solution that enables you to listen, respond, and measure the success of your social media interactions with customers.

Technical Support

Many companies struggle with providing adequate support for their products and services. Failing to meet your customer’s expectations can have a negative impact on your brand that can be costly and potentially lead to customer churn. Additionally, the cost of supporting customers goes up each time you make changes to your products or services.

We set out to build a philosophy that differs from many technical support organizations – focus on the customer and their needs by providing accountability and resolution in everything that we do. We’ve found that by putting the customer first you can build meaningful relationships that lead to the creation of loyal advocates of your products and services. teleNetwork’s Technical Support services are built to meet your objectives. We’ve helped our customers develop award winning customer support strategies that generate extraordinary results.

White Glove / Concierge

White Glove customer care is critical to the success of relationships with high value customers. High value customers have demonstrated a willingness to change providers when not satisfied with the quality of the support and care provided. In order to increase retention of high valuable customers, companies have developed a White Glove approach to assist with the broad spectrum of services offered to customers today.

Do you believe in the value of your high value customer service strategy? In order to meet this service need, teleNetwork built a White Glove customer service organization focused on servicing high value customers. This team was built using white glove specialists who are specially recruited and trained for a comprehensive spectrum of service issues. This ensures that your most valuable customers receive high touch service designed to resolve the issue the first time. teleNetwork’s White Glove services target high value customer segments enabling companies to differentiate their customer experience.