Handle escalations with efficiency and effectiveness.


Customer churn is a top priority for companies in every market. With increasing competition, and the globalization of many industries, customers have more choices than ever. Organizations who have mapped out a clear retention strategy have a much higher rate of success in keeping customers happy compared to those who have not.

We’ve developed tools that provide rich analytic content to our specialists enabling us to understand when a customer should be offered new pricing or incentives for loyalty. Our retention specialists have expertise across many verticals enabling us to shape your retention team strategy to best meet your customer’s expectations.

Fraud / Risk

Recognizing the latest security and fraud threats by utilizing state of the art multi-point systems is essential in assuring customers that their valuable and personal information will not be leaked or stolen. This is crucial as it has been overlooked by a few companies in just the last few years which has lead to millions of customers potentially having their credit card and payment information stolen.
If you require a fraud / risk examination team to identify fraud and prevent your customer’s accounts from being compromised, our team of certified Fraud Examination Specialists can help protect your customers. We hold a membership with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and certify each team member to ensure that we provide the highest standards in fraud examination. Our fraud / risk team provides the following capabilities to companies who are looking for specialized help managing their fraud management process:
  • Account transaction risk review
  • Inbound customer risk inquiries
  • Outbound risk verification calls
  • Risk email support
  • Real-time risk chat support


Your customer escalations must be handled effectively or customers will find another company to do business with. Handling supervisor calls and second level escalations takes patience, care and thoughtful process planning. Scheduling follow-up calls to ensure that customer issues are resolved closes the loop on outstanding issues.

Our Escalations team has served clients in many industries by successfully helping diffuse complicated customer escalations. These issues handled quickly and with resolution in order to diffuse a troubled customer experience. We have transformed many escalation processes and helped our partners deliver a superior escalation experience.