Revenue Optimization

Build revenue campaigns that lead to higher margins and improved customer satisfaction.

Up-Sell / Cross Sell

Uncovering and capturing new revenue from your existing customer base represents nearly 80% of new revenue opportunities. Compared to the cost of acquisition of a new customer, implementing strong up-sell and cross-sell campaign strategies can lead to exponential growth quarter after quarter.

We’ve developed a highly effective approach to help companies execute successful up-sell and cross-sell campaigns. Beginning with comprehensive product training, our team will become product specialists who understand the scope of your products and services while effectively communicating your value proposition.

Our sales performance dashboard, which integrates with many billing and CRM applications, enables our agents to better identify your customer’s needs and act on those needs by providing solution-oriented recommendations. This consultative approach to sales builds trust and lasting relationships that ultimately create immediate revenue gains for your company.

Check out our white paper on Optimizing Up-Sell and Cross-Sell campaigns or contact our sales team for questions.

Premium Technical Support

In a perfect world, your support team would be able to fix all of your customer’s problems when they call you for tech support. The trouble is, many times your team does not possess the necessary skills or training to handle all of the issues that come up.

Premium Technical Support services enable you to offer an extended level of support to your customers for a variety of technologies and issues:

· PC Tune-Up
· Virus / Malware Removal
· Wireless Networks
· Mobile Devices
· Printers
· Hardware / Software Troubleshooting

PTS programs are typically sold as an a la carte service or as a monthly subscription. By offering these services, companies build greater trust and avoid having to send customers to another company for help.

teleNetwork has helped companies in many industries develop and execute highly successful PTS programs including telecommunications, retail, OEM and cloud service providers. We have designed programs for both consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) customer segments.

To learn more about teleNetwork’s premium technical support services and how they drive higher customer satisfaction and lower churn, download our case study on PTS Impact or contact our sales team today.

Outbound Campaigns

Effective customer outreach is critical to the success of your outbound campaigns. This requires a combination of both proper planning and technology. An effective outbound campaign has to have a number of key elements. First, we help you identify the goals and timelines associated with your target success criteria. Next we draft a customer engagement message that resonates with your objectives and provides a friendly and well received tone by your customers. Finally, we design a time zone specific call schedule to ensure the highest possible completion rate on outbound dial attempts.

We work hard to ensure that your outbound team does not sound like a telemarketer. We describe our approach as thoughtful and customer friendly customer by positioning ourselves as advocates who provide solutions and positive interactions for all outbound efforts. This ensures that your outbound campaign will be a success.