Meaningful customer relationships are built one interaction at a time. teleNetwork’s commitment to the customer experience is evident in the way we build solutions for our clients. Our insights will guide you in your mission to improve your customer experience.

Strengthening Your Customer Experience

Today’s customer has far greater expectations and needs than the customer of yesterday. Online communities, product reviews sites, and social media have amplified the importance of taking good care of your customers. Business leaders who invest time and resources into developing a comprehensive strategy have identified that an investment in building a positive customer experience creates loyal customer relationships that are ultimately more profitable.

Brad Tuttle
Feb 2014

"The customer service is outstanding. They're very apologetic if there's a problem. They do their best to take care of things. These guys have worked really hard at customer service and professionalism. If you can make the switch, I'd highly recommend it."

Our Services

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Universal Agent Support

Ability to cross-train tenured agents to support multiple channels/services (care, billing, tech support on phone, chat, email or video) for the optimal customer experience - No transfers, no re-telling the same story over and over.

Customer Care

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 for Residential and Business
  • Pre-sales and Qualifying Customers (i.e new zip codes and locations)
  • Ticket Entry and Updates
  • Billing and Payments
  • Add/Remove Products and Services
  • Schedule Installations and Dates
  • Customer Education and General Questions

Technical Support

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 for Residential and Business
  • General Ticket Entry
  • Modem/Router/Hardware
  • Wireless Personalization/Updates
  • Anti-virus/Firewall
  • Internet Setup (wired and wireless)
  • Email/Web Portal
  • Dispatch Appointments
  • Dispatch Status Updates
  • Customer Education (i.e Upsell PTS for all out of scope issues)

Premium Services Support

  • Remote support and/or video chat for assistance
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • PC tune-ups/system updates
  • Advanced system and registry errors
  • Networking (i.e ethernet/fiber/wireless/lan)
  • Gaming Hardware Install/Setup (i.e Xbox One/PS4/etc.)
  • Smart Devices and Home Automation (i.e Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, etc.)
  • Home Camera and Security Setup (i.e Nest, Canary, August)
  • Wearables/Smartwatches (i.e Oculus, Apple Watch, FitBit)
  • IoT/Smart Lights (i.e TP Link, LIFX, etc.)

Business Services and Solutions

  • Email Migration to O365
    • Exchange, IMAP, POP, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
    • Device, app, and content management
    • Threat monitoring and reporting
    • Ability to automate compliance to maximize security
    • Ability to quickly scale up/add devices
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    • BYOD (Apple, Windows, and Android compatible)
    • GPS Tracking
    • Real-time device enrollment
    • Wipe/Remove Devices
    • Secure Mobile Mail
    • Secure Mobile Browser
    • Mobile App Security

Managed Service Operations (MSO)

  • Batch Monitoring
  • Triggering Events for Alerts and Escalations
  • Client Communication and Escalation
  • Application Support - Navigation and Technical
  • Hardware Troubleshooting and Escalation

Outbound Support Specialists (OSS)

  • New Residential Sales and Products
    • New products/services (i.e phone, web portal, internet, TV, PTS, bundles, etc.)
    • Seasonal campaigns (i.e holiday specials, bundles, etc.)
  • New Business Sales and Products
    • New products/services (i.e Managed Services, EMM and MDM)
    • New marketing campaigns/initiatives
    • Internal Help Desk (i.e monitoring, IT solutions, etc.)
    • Pre-qualifying calls (i.e warm / qualified leads handoff)
    • Scheduling appointments for Area Sales Managers

Case Studies

One of our clients was set to launch a gigabit Internet service. They sought our help with the goal of providing a consistent and memorable experience for the customer every time they called, whether it be for obtaining general information, signing up for new service, billing questions and making payments, or requesting technical assistance.

In order to help the client achieve their goal, we set out to create a differentiated customer experience using a universal agent model capable of handling any type of issue from retention or bill pay to basic and advanced technical support for video and data services. This model achieved significant success leading to industry recognition and exceptional customer satisfaction.

White Papers

In conjunction with management discipline and expertise, we have helped our clients meet their goals year after year. Many of our clients share common goals. Primarily, they would like to provide the best service to their customers for the lowest price while building strong relationships with customers who become brand advocates. This white paper will illustrate a correlation between reduced AHT and increases in sales conversion and resulting improvements in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

We have helped achieve higher customer loyalty ratings for many companies by showing them firsthand how providing an unforgettable customer experience can lead to higher retention rates and open the door to other channels of revenue.

Various Support Channels

Learn to transform your experience management for today’s enterprise and tomorrow’s customer. We help our clients support their customers through various channels to provide an unforgettable customer experience and reach out to as many customers as possible.

We utilize email/ticket entry, live chat/messenger, inbound/outbound phonecalls, SMS (text), video chat, mobile application support, and social media to ensure that every customer receives nothing but the best support.