Improving Customer Experience

Executive Summary

teleNetwork has developed many tools and processes to facilitate improved performance across the aforementioned KPI’s. In conjunction with management discipline and expertise, we have helped our clients meet their goals year after year. Many of our clients share common goals. Primarily, they would like to provide the best service to their customers for the lowest price while building strong relationships with customers who become brand advocates. This white paper will illustrate a correlation between reduced AHT and increases in sales conversion and resulting improvements in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Comprehensive KPI Analysis

Building Brand Advocates


In conclusion, our team was able to provide cost savings and improve revenue performance for our service provider partner. By sharing the exceptional benets of the value added services available to customers, we were able to instill a better understanding of the products and services available to customers at the agent level, which provided a more efficient and higher quality overall experience to end users.