Will Burns

Director of Operations

Will Burns serves as Director of Operations for Technical Support Services at teleNetwork. His tenure began in December of 2006 and has since contributed to the overall growth and success of the company. His responsibilities include management of the technical support operations for high-speed internet of several different contracts, and development of front-line managers.
Will’s primary focus is optimizing efficiency and improving performance across our operations. He has developed and implemented new management tools and tactics to improve productivity and the customer experience. Will makes it a priority to develop creative, motivated, and strong Team Leaders which result in increased efficiency, performance, and morale across the business unit.
Prior to Telenetwork, Will worked in a variety of fields including youth development, recreation, and customer service. During his time at Telenetwork will worked on the call center floor while obtaining his degree, and was promoted to a supervisory position in 2009. Will earned a bachelor’s of science in Exercise Sport Science from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in December of 2008.