Great customer service requires great people. We pride ourselves in the service that we provide to customers everyday. Our 20+ years of experience has shaped the insight and knowledge that we bring to each engagement. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience for our customers. It’s our people that truly make teleNetwork special. If you are looking for a different approach to solving your contact center challenges, teleNetwork can help your organization truly make a difference for your customers.

What Makes Us Different


Our customers rely on us to help them identify opportunities to improve their business. As an innovation partner, they appreciate our ability to provide best practices that translate into a better customer experience. We contribute an end-to-end framework which improves training, process and tools. These improvements are shared across organizations to ensure that full ROI is achieved.


Our clients often request rapid increases in staffing to meet unforeseen volumes related to outage or marketing activity. In other cases, clients will identify new goals that must be achieved in a short period of time. Our team is very good at responding to client needs in short order and implementing the necessary change to help achieve the desired goal with very high customer satisfaction.


One of the key components to our success is our ability to integrate our proprietary contact center tools with our clients’ systems. Using a combination of web services technology (REST, SOAP, XML over HTTPS, etc.), we are able to import and export information to meet desired business needs. Our development team has integrated our systems with many 3rd party applications providing invaluable access to data for our teams.

Our Leadership

Anthony Herrera


Jill Herrera


George Yang


Roger Martin

VP of Operations

Ryan Lommel

VP of Operations

Andrew McEwen

VP of Operations

Nick Riley

VP of Operations

Jessy Riley

VP of Finance

Raymond Perez


Shawn Riley

Director of Operations

Carley Brookes

Administrative Director

Dion Miller

Director of Operations

Mario Jimenez

Director of Operations

Will Burns

Director of Operations

Stephen Henley

Director of Operations